JEMORGAN is soft to the touch with its unique sewing technology.


JEMORGAN is a historical fashion brand founded in Pennsylvania, USA in 1945. Founder John E. Morgan led the cotton textile industry, which was still fumbling at the time, and developed the American cotton industry by creating innovative technologies. The technology has influenced the cotton textile industry all over the world, and now many fashion brands have adopted the JEMORGAN manufacturing method.

High-quality underwear and innerwear that make use of unique knitting and sewing techniques are widely supported around the world as the face of the brand. In particular, the unique cotton material called "JEMORGAN Cotton" has excellent softness and durability, and many fans have been using it for many years. In addition, we are also focusing on the development of environmentally friendly materials, proposing sustainable fashion.

Speaking of thermal, JEMORGAN

The thermal t-shirt, which is so well known that it is said that JEMORGAN is synonymous with thermal, is an item that retains heat well and is suitable for early spring when there is a temperature difference. The fabric, made with a unique knitting method, has good breathability and is soft to the touch. In addition, it can be worn for a long time because it is made durable by sewing technology. The lineup includes a wide range of designs, such as the simple "JB001-52C" and the "JB055-52S" featuring a border pattern. We also have "JB132-128" that can be worn alone with a henley neck design, and "JC088-52S" that can be used for a wide range of layered styles.

Spring staple item JEMORGAN T-shirt

We also recommend the JEMORGAN T-shirt as a staple item for spring. Although it is simple, there are items that are characterized by unique coloring and prints. "JC016-32H" is accented with a loose big silhouette and logo on the chest pocket. "JB064-429" is a simple yet eye-catching item with logos on the sleeves and hem. In addition, "J8048-226" is a T-shirt that uses thermal material and has pockets and functionality.

JEMORGAN endorsed college t-shirt

The college T-shirt, which is perfect for spring casual style, is also one of JEMORGAN's favorite items. "JC025-229" and "JC026-229" are printed with a classic college logo and have a vintage feel. "JC024-229" and "JC023-229" are also items that you can enjoy college style.

  • JEMORGAN JC025-229

    JEMORGAN Bespoke UCL College Logo College TEE


    The college T-shirt, which features the UCLA logo on the front with a strong presence, can add an accent to simple coordination, and you can enjoy the American casual style of JEMORGAN. A special order item that uses JEMORGAN's basic T-shirt for the body, and is attractive for its soft texture and comfortable wear.

  • JEMORGAN JC026-229

    JEMORGAN Bespoke Yale College Logo College TEE Short Sleeve


    This T-shirt is accented with an illustration of Yale University's symbolic "YALE Bulldogs", giving it a sporty impression. Youthfulness and individuality shine in the design that makes you feel the American college style. The soft texture and rich color variations are attractive, so you can enjoy wearing it in a variety of situations.

  • JEMORGAN JC024-229

    JEMORGAN Bespoke Hawaii College Logo College TEE


    Despite its simple design, this T-shirt features a unique coloring reminiscent of the nature of Hawaii, and features a design with a retro feel. The vintage-inspired print will accent your outfit. In addition, you can enjoy a unique coordination with a comfortable texture and a wide variety of colors.

  • JEMORGAN JC023-229

    JEMORGAN Bespoke Michigan College Logo College TEE


    This T-shirt with the vivid MICHIGAN logo has a vintage college logo that gives it a stylish and casual look. Although the design is simple, the logo with a strong presence is attractive. It features a design that makes you feel American casual, and it can be used in a wide range of styles. Like other items, this is a special order item that uses JEMORGAN's basic T-shirt on the body.

JEMORGAN items recommended for the spring season include thermal T-shirts with high heat retention and good breathability, T-shirts with unique coloring and designs, and college T-shirts that are perfect for casual styles. I'm here.
By simply adding one of these items to your outfit, you can create a universal casual look that is not influenced by trends. . In particular, you can enjoy a comfortable fashion by wearing a thermal T-shirt during the spring season when there is a temperature difference.
In addition, JEMORGAN is also focusing on the development of environmentally friendly materials, proposing sustainable fashion.
Therefore, you can choose items that are environmentally friendly while enjoying fashion.
By all means, please incorporate JEMORGAN items this spring and enjoy fashionable and comfortable spring fashion.
In addition, JEMORGAN items are attractive because they can be used for a long time due to their high-quality materials and sewing techniques.
Once you get an item, you can wear it many times regardless of the season, and it can be said that cost performance is also good.
In addition, there are many items with unique designs, so you can enjoy a style that is a little different from other brands.
In fashion these days, not only trends but also functionality and consideration for the environment are important, and JEMORGAN is supported by many fashion lovers as a brand that combines all of these.
There is no doubt that it will continue to be a brand to keep an eye on.
How about wearing JEMORGAN items this spring and enjoying your own stylish spring fashion?
You will surely discover new charms.


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    JEMORGAN is soft to the touch with its unique sewing technology.